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Warren Knox- Fine Art Studio   

Drawing and painting is a way to find one’s interest, a way to pull one’s mind out of the inattentive dither that is, more often than not, its customary state.  

Usually, one drifts along with the noise of the herd, eyes on the back just in front, and one’s consciousness devoted mostly to keeping up and not bumping into things. 

Art breaks the lockstep herd instinct and focuses the mind on the things that would otherwise be blindly bypassed.  It simultaneously opens one’s eyes to seeing anew, and raises them to horizons unimagined.  It takes one where words and thoughts are both insufficient and unnecessary -- where perception is more primitive and more sophisticated than rational thought.  

It is my goal to capture the beauty I find with this altered focus and pass it on to the viewer.  I hope not to challenge your thoughts, but to visually transmit my appreciation of the world around us.

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Artwork may differ from the original as computer screens are calibrated differently.
If you like the artist's work and need more information, please contact the artist directly.
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Martis Valley CA - Watercolor
Columbia Gorge WA- Pastel
Satuii Vinyards St Helena CA Watercolor
Ghosts above the Yuba CA Pastel
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