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SANDRA DELONG is a Contemporary California Impressionist.  With light as the subject she explores the full spectrum of color which permeates every object or scene. She paints with oils in the style of impressionist Claude Monet; his full-color seeing method helps her create radiant, glowing images. This means the paintings are rendered in a manner that creates the illusion of reality through color as opposed to precise drawing. Painting en plein air enhances this method and using a palette knife keeps the colors clean and helps project movement.  She explains, “Being an artist is a journey, an evolution.  Every painting is a step toward that elusive masterpiece”.

Because of her love of nature and the outdoors, she prefers to paint landscapes or outdoor still-life. She said, “I am inspired by travel and paint to record my visual and emotional responses to the images I see”. She travels extensively in the States and Europe painting en plein air whenever possible. Besides the beauty of objects and negative/positive shapes, she gets excited about color and contrasts and records it to take home with her and share with others.

Helpful to her art growth were workshops with;  Susan Sarback, John Budicin, John Burton and current mentor, master artist Kevin Macpherson.

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Passamaquoddy Bay- Oil
Bristlecone Pine -Oil
Blue Boat on the Quay- Oil
Tuesday Morning- Oil
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